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Colourscape makes a comeback to Turku!

July 17th – August 5th 2012 / Kupittaa Park

Colourscape is made up of approximately one hundred colourful sphere-like chambers linked together into a giant labyrinth. The audience will be able to walk through and spend time in the chambers listening to music performances or just relaxing in the colourful environment. Colourscape is like a giant network of cells that bends the colours of light into an intensive celebration of colours.

After the amazing success of the first-ever appearance of Colourscape in a Nordic country last year this unique experience returns in Turku July 17th – August 5th. During summer 2011 Colourscape was one of Turku’s European Capital of Culture Year’s huge successes. If you missed Colourscape last year - or if you want more of the amazing colour, light and music - then come to Kupittaa Park this July.  Come early this year to beat the queues!

Last year the response of the public in Finland was so enthusiastic with over 15 000 visitors to Colourscape that a return appearance has been organised. Eye Music Trust from the UK brings Colourscape to Finland for the second time. The group specializes in producing audiovisual experiences. Colourscape presents music and art in a new and interesting way. In addition to the colourful experience Colourscape brings a diverse programme to Kupittaa Park. There will be concerts and workshops taking place inside the extraordinary structure. The performances will be by Finnish musicians and international performers. The event is a continuation to the Capital of Culture year in Turku.

Programme and opening hours:

Monday – closed
Tuesday – open 14-18, workshops
Wednesday – open 14-18, workshops
Thursday – open 13-18, live performance
Friday – open 13-18, live performance
Saturday – open 13-18, live performance
Sunday – open 13-18, live performance

In strong winds Colourscape will be closed due to safety reasons.


Adults 8 €
Children (4-16 years) and discount groups 5 €
Family ticket 20 €.

Colourscape in Turku 2011 (photo by smoisala)

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